Restaurants :: Tsunami Village Cafe

It’s not often that we at Dog Friendly Penang tell you about somewhere we don’t think you should take your puppy – but this is one of those occasions.  We wanted to write about Tsunami Village Café because it is indeed very dog friendly and there are four of them to make a fuss of.  They are the watch dogs who keep an eye on the premises when no one is around.    But we don’t think they would take too kindly to other pooches coming in and trying to tell them how to do their job :-)  And then there are the cats – lots and lots of them.  They mostly sit on a concrete block a distance from the restaurant and watch the sunset.  In between they eat treats from the local fisherman’s catch.  Some of them will venture into the café to beg from tables later in the evening.  But no cats or dogs need to beg.  In our many visits we have only seen happy and healthy ones.

Now to the café itself.   I have to say that we were put off this place for a while because of the name.  We knew that this was a kampong that had suffered badly in the 2004 tsunami and the government built a large block of apartments to replace all the homes that were lost.  It seemed we would be going to enjoy ourselves in a place that had known great sadness.  But after urgings from friends we took the bit between our teeth. 

Tsunami Village Cafe

And we were pleasantly surprised.  There are tables on the beach where you can sit and have a cool drink while you watch the sunset,  and there are tables inside where the mosquitoes are less likely to appear (I think the watch dogs keep them away :-)).   The food is good and the varied menu is includes, prawns, fresh fish, venison, chicken and bullfrog (we haven’t had this) and many noodle, rice and vegetarian dishes.  It is heaving on a Saturday night and you can book if you want to make sure you get a table.

Our recommendations – definitely pick a fresh fish and have it steamed,   buy the bucket of Legend beer (3 large bottles) for 27RM and take your own wine.

Parking is in a rudimentary open space beside the café and while we have never paid during the week there is a 2RM charge on weekends.  You can also park on the road side.

Expert Review

Noogie – I am a laid back sort of bloke so I don’t mind amusing myself at home while the folks go out.  But I hope they only go when there is no thunder forecast because I don’t like being by myself when that strikes.

Billy – I nearly had a heart attack when I heard about all the cat staring I was missing, but them’s the breaks.  And I get a treat when I stay home by myself :-)

How to get there:

Tsunami Village Cafe is located 543A Jalan Tanjung Bungah, Tanjung Bungah. It’s opposite the Maybank Tanjung Bungah branch. If you are coming from the Georgetown direction you have to make a U turn at the floating mosque.   Entry to the parking is before the Tsunami Village Café sign.

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